The twins

by beagoodmom on April 11, 2014


I have been referring to these two as “the twins” more and more recently. I’m not sure why.  I never did that when they were younger.  I used to call them “the babies” when speaking of them as a unit.  When Giggles was born they became “the big kids” or just “the biggies”.

But they were never “the twins”.  It’s not that I didn’t think of them as a unit.  They rival BAGD and I for the tightest alliance around here.  They always have.

Maybe it was because “the twins” sounds like 2 people with a lot in common and these 2 fail to meet that requirement at times. 

Maybe it was because I thought it minimized them as individuals at a time when I knew they were going to need as much building up as I could give them.

Whatever the reason,  its clearly another ball of wax now. I think of them as “the twins”.  I call them “the twins”.  They have not changed but I guess I have.  Maybe I see their similarities more than their differences now.   Maybe they are finally old enough for me to see their future as well as their present.  Maybe I see that this was the title they wanted all along.


Kids and their slang

by beagoodmom on April 10, 2014

Pookie attended “the talk” at school today.  You know the one…bodies, weird parts, growing up…all that stuff.

Apparently he did well.  It was 90 minutes long so his aide took him out at some point due to the length of the presentation.  But he attended the rest.

When he got home we asked him if anything exciting happened in school today.

He was quiet and suspicious.

He finally said they learned about bald eagles.

So maybe that is what the kids are calling it nowadays.



His turn

by beagoodmom on April 9, 2014


I don’t know if it came put on film but the smile on this boy was huge.  We had bought these kites for a trip to Wisconsin.   We had a big orange plane and this one.   Geetle and Tman latched on to them and kind of dominated the fun.  But when they lost interest Kel and I made Pookie try.

Up to this point he had been quietly milling around, not demanding a turn.  He’s like that sometimes.  Sort of an unexpected wallflower who just follows along because he knows he’s expected to. He’s polite but unenthusiastic. 

But when we gave him the reins he found that he really enjoyed flying the kite.  Wr kept the string short and locked it on the spool so it would not extend.  We showed him how to wave his arms in figure 8s and manipulate the kite.

He loved it.  I’m glad he stuck around to get his turn.


We’re having some issues with the boy.

by beagoodmom on March 31, 2014

Well…maybe not “issues”.  We’ve certainly been thru worse.   But they are definitely things to address.


#1. Pookie has lost 3 teeth this week.  One top side molar. The bottom molar right under it.  And the tiny tooth next to that one.  He handles things like that in his own way.  When a tooth gets a bit loose, he works it until it falls out.  Then it takes a really long time for the new tooth to show.  We really hope these 3 teeth were ready to come out.  And that there are no others for a while.

#2.  Its time for the “Your Body’s Changing” lecture at school.  Boys in one room.  Girls in another.  Pookie’s teacher asked us if he would be participating.   We knew this was coming but still don’t know what the right answer is. The lecture is about puberty and delivered by a 3rd party firm that specializes in this.  I’m sure its fine content but Pookie is not going to understand much of it.  But we try not to isolate him and push him into typical 5th grade experiences.   This would be one if those experiences.

#3.  Pookie has been trying to find ways to wear matching pajama sets every night.  We just noticed that after 8+ years of religiously wearing clean pajamas each night, he is now pulling dirty pajamas out of the laundry in order to find tops that match bottoms.   We only care for a few reasons.  First,  its ok to recycle pajamas but Pookie can’t tell how many nights is too many, which is why we always made him wear new ones every night. Second, we are always on guard against ritualistic behaviors. If you don’t squash them early, before you know it you have a kid that says “this does not smell like home” every time he drives into the driveway.  (Oh wait…I already have one of those kids…)

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When Pookie makes a weird coughing noise in the back seat

March 20, 2014

When Pookie makes a weird coughing noise in the back seat of the car, Geetle is always the first one to say “You OK Pookie?”  She always beats me to it.

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Time Capsule

March 19, 2014

We made another time capsule.  This one is in the basement wall, between the new sheets of drywall that define my new sewing room.  We put in 2 big paintings of BAGD that the twins made.  Geetle also packed a ziploc baggie with some momentos and historically significant items: A photo of the Chicago Blackhawks […]

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If Giggles runs for President in 2016

March 17, 2014

If Giggles runs for President in 2016 I know the slogan she will use.  She dropped it on me today: Kids are just small adults who haven’t learned everything yet.

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Big book

March 16, 2014

Geetle is studying WWII in school.  I keep telling her that WWII is my jam!  I have tons of books on the subject and know she could handle reading them.  But she doesn’t believe that my books would be interesting and doesn’t take my offer at all seriously. So today I put this enormous book […]

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March 15, 2014

When Pookie makes a weird coughing noise in the back seat of the car, Geetle is always the first one to say “You OK Pookie?”  She always beats me to it. And she has dimples so deep you can stick a pencil in them.

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Comedy Killer

March 15, 2014

Geetle drew a beach ball on my dry erase board to encourage Summer to come and Winter to be over.   I usually write the Joke of the Day on the dry erase board, so Geetle challenged me to find a beach ball joke.  The best I could find was: Where do Sea Horses sleep? In […]

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