Big Feet

by beagoodmom on September 20, 2014

Geetle’s new season of basketball starts in a week, so we had to go out and get her new Bball shoes this weekend.  That’s always an adventure!

Believe it or not….Geetle has big feet.  But, then again, she is 5′ 3″ at age 11 so…there you go.  When we buy her usual shoes (non-basketball shoes) she is wearing a women’s 8 or 8 1/2.  When we go for basketball shoes we never even bother with the women’s section.  Title 9 may have done a lot for women’s sports, but it hasn’t done anything for the availability of women’s basketball shoes.   Personally, I think this one of the major reasons Geetle *loves* basketball shoe shopping day.  I let her buy something from the Boy’s section, which is her fashion dream anyway.

Well, a correction.  We don’t buy anything from the *Boy’s* section…..apparently we buy her shoes in the *Men’s* section now!   We walked into Shoe Carnival today and a nice younger clerk came over to help us.  The conversation went like this:

Clerk:  Hi, can I help you find anything?

BAGM:  We need some new basketball shoes for Geetle.  We just bought some casual shoes in a Women’s size 8 1/2 so that means we need a Men’s 6 1/2, right?

Clerk:  Well….we don’t carry a lot of Men’s 6 or 6 1/2.  But we have Youth up to size 7.  And we have one pair of basketball shoes in the women’s section.  Did you see those?

BAGM:  No, but that’s not the kind she wants, she likes the darker ones.  An the other pair over there is just a fashion hightop.

Clerk:  Yeah, I know what you mean. I think you should try the Boy’s section though; we have a few over there and they go to Youth 7, which is like a Men’s 7.

BAGM:  OK, thanks

Clerk:  (coming back a few minutes later)  How’s it going?

BAGM:  She can’t even get into these  Boys 7s!  Haha.  Guess we are heading to the Men’s section!

Clerk:  Yeah, I guess, but let me measure her first, just to make sure.

BAGM:  Ok, thanks.

Clerk:  (getting out the metal foot measurer and positioning Geetle’s foot)  Well!  Good Morning!  She’s a Men’s 8!

BAGM:  That’s why we are banking on this basketball career!

Throughout this whole exchange you might worry that Geetle was embarrassed as her Mother and a clerk debated the size of her giant feet.  Wrong.  Geetle is extremely proud of her big feet!



by beagoodmom on September 18, 2014


I had a business trip to Phoenix this week, a conference for compliance professionals.  BAGD was supposed to come down to spend a few days with me but he got crunched at work, so it was just me and 400 other compliance professionals.   The hotel was just beautiful and I wish BAGD had come.  Very upscale place….rumor has it One Direction was staying there while doing a concert in town.  La-Dee-Da.  There was a plush chair or overgrown sofa every 6 feet at this place.  Again, BAGD would have loved it, he always says there is not enough couches around the world. 

Things were fine at home while I was gone.  BAGD had to work a lot of extra hours but KB picked up the slack like she always does.  Thank god for that.  The kids love hanging out with her and her kids and I’m very sure they thought *they* were the ones on vacation.   There was some mention of Doritos and Minecraft. 


I left Phoenix a day early because of the forecasted rain expected with Hurricane Odile.    They’d had flooding 10 days prior with an earlier storm and were not taking Odile lightly.  The opportunity arose so I booked an earlier flight home to beat the rain (which started while I was in the airport shuttle bus.)  I also found out today, when I was back home, that the Phoenix airport also had a 3-4 hour lock down in my terminal because there was a drug-deal-gone-bad at some gas station near the airport and the “perp” ran towards the airport.  I guess they found him hours later in a parking garage, but 25 flights were cancelled in the meantime.  image I wonder what time I would have made it home if I had stayed the original extra day.

When I got back today I gave the kids their presents.  They were excited because I no longer bring presents when I go to New Jersey (except copies of Sky Mall) because I go there so much.  So they were happy I was sent to Phoenix this time!  I found Giggles an Arizona snowglobes for her collection; she is up to 13 now.  I also bought them a box of prickly pear cactus candy (think soft jelly beans) to share, and some woven string bracelets.   Oh! And 5 Mexican Jumping Beans that proved to be very popular with kids and cats alike.

For the twins, I found some quite garish “Southwest themed” socks.  They were wild.  Pookie’s had a Kachina doll on the side, just like the ones they studied and made in school last year.  Geetle’s had howling coyotes and cactus.  I figured they’d wear them to school today and wasn’t surprised when Pookie did.   I was surprised that Geetle did not.  I asked her why and I thought she gave one of the most profound answers I’d heard in a while. 

Geetle:  I’m saving mine.  Pookie will wear his today and everyone will be all like…nice socks.  So I’ll wait a few days until they forget about his socks and then…BaBam!  I wear mine and they will be all like….awesome socks!!! Because they aren’t distracted by his socks.


The tooth is out!

by beagoodmom on September 10, 2014



The wiggly tooth lasted 36 hours!  Giggles went to bed Monday night as usual.  Well, as usual, except for the constant wiggling of the tooth.  About 15 minutes after “lights out” she came bounding out of her bedroom, downstairs to my sewing room yelling “Mom!  Something exciting happened!”

Sure enough… she had a little tiny tooth in her hand.  I gave her a little plastic box that I was using to hold tiny pins.  She put the tooth inside and went upstairs to stash it under her pillow.  I snuck in later and replaced the tooth with a $5 bill wrapped in dental floss.

The most interesting thing about the whole experience is that her new tooth is almost completely grown in already!  You can kind of see it in the picture.  Geetle had the same issue with her first loose tooth and had to go to the dentist to get her’s pulled.  Giggles’ came out naturally, but the new tooth is a bit farther back than I would have hoped.  But, I am sure as more teeth come and go they will all get into line.  Its interesting that she did not feel the new tooth; I am sure it broke the surface weeks ago.  I didn’t notice because I don’t really examine her to that degree any more…she is practically 7 now!  But I’m surprised she didn’t feel it herself.


Expectation vs. Reality

by beagoodmom on September 10, 2014


Let your kids dress themselves, they said. 

Let them express their individuality, they said.

Kids dressed in layers & funky acessories are adorable, they said.

Wrong, I said.

I’m a zebra, Giggles said.


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In a nutshell

September 9, 2014

BAGM:  what happened to the belt from your dress? Giggles:  Oh.  I got it taken away at school but then I got it back. I don’t know where it is right now. BAGM:  Why did you get your belt taken away at school? Giggles:  I was wrapping it around my head like this.  At first […]

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A job for everyone

September 7, 2014

We were working in the yard today, giving our forsythia bush a major haircut.   It needed to be done.  We’ve “trimmed” it every year since we moved in 9 years ago but we were not keeping ahead of its growth.  Plus it had a lot of dead branches in the center and bottom.  A […]

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Tooth News

September 7, 2014

Big News!  Giggles has her first loose tooth! We were on our way to Menard’s this morning for garden twine, dirt, mulch, an extension cord and a frozen pizza for lunch when she broke the news.  She told us that her tooth felt funny and I said “Well, you are in first grade now, it […]

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Math is so confusing

September 6, 2014

Giggles:  Mom, here is the 3 dollars and 99 cents I owe you. BAGM:  Ok, thanks, just put it there. Giggles:  I couldn’t remember what came after 50 cents, so I did the 45 and the 4 separate. BAGM:  What? Giggles:  2 quarters is 50 cents, but I couldn’t remember what comes after that for […]

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The big switch

September 5, 2014

We recently decided to move Geetle and Pookie off of the Children’s Menu at restaurants.   They’re almost 12 and most waitresses assume they don’t want the little box of crayons and picture menu anyway.  (Actually, this is where its most obvious that many many people don’t know Pookie and Geetle are twins, since they […]

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Weird day at the airport

September 2, 2014

I’m typing on my phone so forgive any errors,   I just felt this day needed to be blogged. First,  Southwest oversold my flight.  Fine.  I volunteered for the bump.  Flying 5-7 hours later but would get $595 in travel voucher.   Plus my biz meeting in Newark isn’t until tomorrow.   Good way to double down at […]

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