Dream On

by beagoodmom on November 21, 2014

BAGM:  Rise and Shine, Pumpkin Vine!

Giggles:  Ugh, Mom, it happened again!

BAGM:  What?

Giggles:  I was having a dream about measuring pigs and I woke up before I could measure the second pig!

BAGM:  How big was the first pig?

Giggles:  17 inches.

BAGM:  From snout to tail?  That is a small pig.

Giggles:  Its a baby pig.


They’re twins and they do twin things

by beagoodmom on November 20, 2014


Check out the new shoes Geetle and Pookie picked out tonight.  I think it was a coincidence really.  Either that or they really are wired together.  Geetle picked put the red Vans first.  We headed over to Pookie’s section and he followed me with ZERO interest as I said “oh!  how about these?”  and “I like these, do you like these?”  When I pulled out these red ones he said “I will get these.  These are lovely lady bug shoes.”  Once he makes a declaration there is no turning back, so that’s what he got, red lady bug shoes.

The two of them look awful cute in their matching red shoes. 


It was bound to happen

by beagoodmom on November 19, 2014


On the way to swimming lessons  tonight,  Giggles made a comment out of the blue that I have been expecting for a while.   We’ve been letting Geetle turn on the nightly news recently.   She’s in 6th grade now and it’s important for her to know about current events.  It’s the same reason we subscribe to the newspaper even though that’s a dying enterprise.   As you know,  most of the nightly news is bad.  Really bad.  Murders and crimes and all sorts of problems.  But we can’t hide from those things.   It’s important for kids to know all about the world.  The rainbow unicorn parts and the stinky armpit parts.  Geetle is bearing this new responsibility well.  She’s handling it.  Giggles?  Not so much.

Tonight Giggles told me she was scared of the things she sees on the news.  I was ready for this and told her the same thing I told Geetle a few years ago.  The world is very big.  The news talks about many things that are happening far away.   They also forget that people want to hear about happy stories too.  They don’t tell us about every person that donates a winter coat to a needy petson.  They don’t tell us about every new museum or library that opens.  They forget that we like to hear about lost dogs that find their way home or Grannies that win dance contests.

I’ve always told the kids that if you line up 100 people,  99 of them are good people that will help and be kind to you.  But there’s that 1 person that won’t.  That 1 person is bad and could hurt you.  The trick is to be able to pick that 1 out of the line up.   It means that you have to be careful but that you should have faith in the fact that the world is ultimately good.

I told Giggles it was kind of the same with the news.  You have to know that if the news tells you 1 bad thing, 99 good ones happened today too.  They just didn’t tell you about it.  You have to find those good things out for yourself.

She was OK with my answer and said she wanted to look on a map to see where the bad things were happening.   I said we could but even if a bad thing happened in our town BAGD and I would keep her safe.  She said that was OK and that we have a lucky life so she already knew that.


I feel its important to document this

by beagoodmom on November 19, 2014

I feel its important to document the fact that I asked BAGD to go out and buy me a soda and he said no.

He always says yes.  I usually don’t have to actually ask, just clumsily hint.  It works on ice cream too.

This time I used my words and actually asked him to do it.  I may have even said please.  But he told me to go fly a kite because it was too cold outside.

I said “do you realize this is the first time you have told me no in 17 years?  Are you really prepared to break the seal on this?”

He said yes, and I had to drink the sub-par soda flavors that were already in the house.  It was horrible.  He had better try harder to indulge me in my unnecessary whims next time.

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Always Read the Fine Print

November 18, 2014

Giggles:  Oh!  Guess what I want to be when I grow up? BAGM:  What?  I can’t possibly guess. Giggles:  A news anchor.  But only the 6 o’clock news, not the 10 o’clock.  I can’t stay up that late.   BAGM:  I am going to use one of those coupons you gave me for my birthday. […]

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I hesitate to even mention it…

November 17, 2014

I am reluctant to even mention it here…because this blog is not meant to be a place where I rant about my children.  I may occasionally rant about the trials and tribulations of being a Mother, but not about my children.  But, I think this one warrants mentioning because I TRULY BELIEVE that in a […]

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Only then

November 1, 2014

So we had this nice picture taken at a wedding recently. See Pookie with his scowl and arms crossed?  Yeah.  That’s his “why are you taking my picture” face.  He only makes it when…you know…you try to take his picture.

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One of my favorite things

November 1, 2014

One of my favorite things is this pillow I stitched of a drawing Geetle did when she was about 6.  She didn’t make it for Halloween,  but it has a definite Frankenstein vibe so I only bring it out this time of the year.  Every year I sort of forget I gave it, then I […]

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Click Click

October 31, 2014

Pookie seems to be making a lot of connections recently. We ran to the store Monday before swim team practice.  We had plenty of time, we were going to go home for dinner between the store and leaving for practice.  But, I looked over at Pookie while we were in the store and saw that […]

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Recent (appropriate) statements and questions and comments

October 28, 2014

Mom, why does your neck smell? Mom, on Christmas will we go see the Paddington Bear movie? Mom, you smell like a candle. Stop the car! I forgot my goggles! Mom, will you pick up that towel and put it in the bathroom? I’m hurry upping. Where is Dad? Is he at work? Is swim […]

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