I don’t negotiate with terrorists

by beagoodmom on March 29, 2015

Giggles told me this morning that I had 2 choices…either download “Goat Simulator” on her Kindle Fire, or send her back to Grandma’s right now so that she can play it on Grandmas iPad.

As far as I can tell, this game is the story of a lone goat that roams the word causing destruction.  Giggles tells me that you can make him go hang gliding, crash through fences, knock over lamp posts and steal money from a gas station by extending his licky tongue.   I just let her buy it ($4.99!) and had to come here to my laptop to approve it being pushed onto her Kindle.  She is sitting her anxiously waiting, clutching her Kindle, waiting for it to show up and load.  She says it just loaded!  Here we go!

Oh, maybe the goat is not alone in the world…she just told me that there is a guy on the top of the rollercoaster and asked me if she should make her goat butt him off.

She just exclaimed, “This game is pretty glitchy!  What’s up with his neck!  Huh, I guess you can’t put a jack-0-lantern on his head.”


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Kid jokes

by beagoodmom on March 29, 2015

You know how I love jokes made up by kids (not!).  I find only 1% of them funny.  Giggles told me a new one this morning that I would not say I find funny, but I do think its very creative for a dual language learner.

Giggles:  What does a Spanish cow get instead of a flu shot?

BAGM:  I don’t know.  What?

Giggles:  A vaca-cination!

(“cow” in Spanish is “vaca”)



by beagoodmom on March 29, 2015

man and dog

Look!  a picture of one of my dogs that is not blurry because she’s constantly in motion!  Bunny looks tiny in this picture but I can tell you that she is too big to sit on laps gracefully.   Not that she is detered by this fact.   Right now, Bunny is “Good Dog.”  She sits nicely on the patio until we let her in, then she walks calmly through the door and sits prettily on the towel waiting for her paws to be wiped.  This is compared to Coco, who is “Naughty Dog” right now.  “Naughty Dog”  runs in through the door like she has a fire cracker tied to her tail.    So, enjoy your picture of “Good Dog” with her new nubbly bone.   We still love “Naughty Dog” but will love her more when Spring Mud season is over.

Other random updates…Pookie’s newest obsession is discussing who drives what make of car and where they might have bought it.  Its not a full conversation…its really just him seeing a Toyota and saying “Dad drives a Toyota.  Dad, where did you get your Toyota?”  He knows people who drive Ford, Toyota, Honda, Subaru….so this conversation can go on for a while.

Giggles lost her other top front tooth.  As she says, she now looks like a vampire.  Now that the dangly snaggletooth is gone, she does look adorable.


People can tell, can’t they?

by beagoodmom on March 27, 2015

Yesterday we had 2 things to drop off on our way out of town…birthday cards for one of the twins’ friends and papers for the vet to fill out so that we can file that Pet Insurance claims form on Coco’s eye infection. We pulled up in front of the friend’s house, handed Pookie the birthday cards and said “Go to the door, ring the door bell, don’t go inside.  Tell her Happy Birthday.  Give her the cards and then come back to the car.”  He jumped out of the car and started to do just that…but no one answered the doorbell!  We called him back and told him just to put the cards in the mailbox.

Then we headed to the vet to drop off the papers.  I had attached a note to the claim forms that basically explained the whole thing.  We asked him if he wanted to do this errand too.  He said yes, so we told him “Go into the vet’s office.  Wait for the lady to say hello.  Give her this envelope and say my mom will pick this up later in the week.”  We sat in the car and watched him go in.  Looking through the window, it appeared that he did well.   We could see his lips moving and the receptionist looking at the envelope.  A few seconds later, we could see that she said something and then Pookie turned and walked out the door, back to the car.   After he walked through the door, the vet tech made eye contact and gave me the “Thumbs Up” through the window…so I guess it all went well.

People can tell, can’t they?   They can tell he needs support.  And then they give him extra consideration.  And that’s a good thing.    I forget sometimes that people can tell.   And if they can tell, then, if they are nice people, they will help him or be more patient at least.   So, its a good thing.


Starved Rock? Check!

March 26, 2015

Well, we did it.  We made it to Starved Rock State Park yesterday.   You can check “MARCH” off of Pookie’s schedule of events.  The trip to Starved Rock is officially in the bank!  (however, we did not stop at Carson Pirie Scott Furniture, Barnes & Noble and IHOP as he also requested.  We figured […]

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Knowledge is dangerous, or at least inconvenient for me

March 25, 2015

You know how the QTip box says “not for cleaning inside of ears” but every one uses Qtips to clean the inside of their ears?  Well….I was trying to clean Giggles’ ears the other night when she told me: “You are not supposed to put anything smaller than your elbow inside your ear…which is a […]

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One warm decent day is not too much to ask.

March 24, 2015

Little nervous. We are supposed to go to Starved Rock State Park tomorrow and walk around on the trails.  Its on Pookie’s monthly list of events.  You know, the one the psychiatrist suggested we let him make.  “What’s the harm in letting him make a list of things he wants to do this year?”  she […]

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Spring Break Rollerskating

March 24, 2015

Spring Break Day Two…sday…Tuesday..get it?  Haha! Today we went roller skating!  (this picture was after 2 hours of skating, so pardon our tired look!)  I don’t think we’ve been rollerskating since a random birthday party that one of Pookie’s classmates had in kindergarten.   I remember that at the party they let me walk around […]

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First Day of Spring Break!

March 23, 2015

First Day of Spring Break, can’t you tell?  We got about 4 inches of snow last night!  We had a nice few days of warm weather about a week ago, then it turned cold very recently. But last night the weather was cold enough to give us a snow storm overnight.   I asked Giggles […]

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Random updates

March 21, 2015

Giggles is in the middle (?) of a quest to do over 100 laps on her scooter in the driveway each day.  She does one more lap every day than she did the previous day.  She charts the date and number of laps on her official record each night.  She is outside right now to […]

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