by beagoodmom on January 28, 2015

What do you call it when the unexpected becomes expected.  But not in a predictable expected way…more of a “I didn’t see that coming, but I should have…maybe” sort of way?

Giggles had her 1st grade music concert last night.  It was held at the local High School, since our elementary school only has so many little blue chairs they can stack up in the lunchroom or gym.  As we were walking into the High School, Pookie starts a sudden and (un)expected conversation.

Pookie: I will go to high school?

BAGD:  Yes, someday this will be your high school.

Pookie:  I will go to high school in August.

BAGD:  No,  first you have to go to middle school.  You will go to middle school in August.

Pookie:  After elementary school I will go middle school and then in August I will go to high school.

BAGD:  Well, you have to stay in middle school for 2 years, then you will go to high school.  7th grade and 8th grade are in middle school, then after that you’ll go to high school.

Pookie:  I will go to middle school in August for 2 years and then I will go to high school?

BAGD:  Yep.

Pookie:  Yeah, OK.

So, I guess Pookie is on board with this whole “future” and “growing up” thang…..

On a side note…the concert was crazy cute.  The sang campfire songs like “Down by the Bay” and “Boom Chicka”.   Giggles and her friend (who she says is “just about her favorite guy at school”) did a solo during “Boom Chicka”.  Their stanza was “Underwater Style” Boom Chicka.

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Such a good brother

by beagoodmom on January 26, 2015

The kids and I had to go see the financial planner last Thursday after school.  We had some papers to pick up regarding Pookie’s Special Needs Trust.  On the way home, we stopped at the Mall to get some new jeans for the kids.  (I swear all 3 of them grew 4 inches since September.)

In a sterotypical series of events, I gave Pookie 2 pair of jeans to try on, they both fit and we bought them in the first store.  If the store had a drive thru, we could have used that.  It was that easy.  However, we had a hard time finding jeans there for Geetle there that did not have stenciled stars up and down the leg or some other trendy embellishment.  The few we did find and try on didn’t fit.  So, we headed to a second store where Geetle got brave and tried on blue, black and gray jeans in a couple of different styles and sizes.  Giggles also tried on lilac and floral print jeans and a bunch of shirts (she told me she needed “long sleeve-ed shirts and fuzzy sweaters” because its cold at school).    She also liked a pair of leopard print jeans but they were a 5T…skinnies…and they fit!  I just couldn’t bring myself to buy her a size 5T jeans!

While all this was going on, Pookie waited.  He just waited.  He found those chairs they put outside of the dressing rooms for weary husbands.  He sat in one and just waited.  Sure, he sat there with his head in his hands, looking all defeated, but the point is that he sat there and waited.  Such a good brother.


I knew that I would need to do potty training again.  I knew that I would need to worry about how long we were away from home.  I knew that I would need to put away special things I didn’t want her to chew or lay on.

But I never knew that I would have to tell someone else “Hey!  No running with scissors on the stairs! Give those to me!”

Well, I never actually got to say it…but I assume it needed saying.  Let me give you the backstory.  Bunny has been helping herself to pencils lately. She has mangled about 3-4 pencils in the past week.  I had assumed that she was finding them in various places around the house or under the kitchen table.  Sure, we have a pencil cup that sits on a bookcase shelf near where the kids do their homework.  And, sure, its a fairly low shelf.  But I never thought Bunny was dedicated and agile enough to select her own pencils from the cup, taking them out one at a time without knocking the cup over.  Dogs can’t do that, right?

Well, today I found a mangled pencil.  No surprise.  But I also found a pair of scissors on the stairs; scissors that usually live in that pencil cup.  So, I assume that, after finishing the pencil snack, Bunny decided to try chewing on the plastic scissors, but then abandoned them on the stairs when she realized it was truly a bad idea for a dog-person of her young age to carry scissors while running down the stairs.  ( I assume she was running…she always runs).

I guess she did drop and leave the scissors on the stairs.  She must have figured out it was unsafe.  So, maybe she is old enough to use scissors after all?


Basketball Weekend

by beagoodmom on January 25, 2015


Well, me and Pookie are officially outnumbered now.

BAGD joined a basketball team this weekend.  That makes 3 basketball players in this house now.  Well, I guess I have a basketball job; I do the scorekeeping at Geetle’s games.  And, I guess Pookie is kind of a professional basketball game watcher; he has season’s tickets for 2 games a week, haha.  That counts..right?   Any way…we are all about basketball around here, from 8 am Saturday to 6 pm Sunday.

BAGD joined a Mens League with a friend from work, the same league he played with a few years ago.   His games are an hour away, so we probably won’t get to see him play much.  But, I’m glad he’s doing it.  It should be lots of fun for him.  As you can see above, Giggles is already having fun with the box his new basketball shoes came in.

Final tally this weekend:  2 points for Geetle in her game Saturday.  5 points for BAGD in his game Sunday. No points for Giggles in her game Saturday, but she got to take the ball up court once and did some good dribbling!

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I like to see….

January 23, 2015

I like to see how Geetle leans in and shows Pookie how to use the keyboard on the phone and tells him how to send BAGD a funny text. I like to see Geetle come down to my office every day afterschool to say “We’re home!” I like to see Geetle playing Trivia games online […]

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Point of Clarification

January 22, 2015

Giggles:  Mom, if we lived on a river, would we send river messages? We would, right? BAGM:  What’s a river message? Giggles: Its where you put a message in a bottle, drop it in the water and it floats down the river. BAGM:  Oh.  Yes.  Definitely. Giggles:  Oh good.  

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School Boundary Committee

January 21, 2015

I was persuaded by the principal to join a district-wide committee that is looking at potential boundary changes in the district.   Our neighborhood school is not affected in the primary round of analysis, but these things tend to have ripple effects, up to and including which of the several Middle and High Schools in the […]

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January 21, 2015

I can’t remember what they were looking at, probably squirrels….or the neighbor dogs….or a bird…or the holes someone dug in the yard.

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Pookie’s been drawing again

January 19, 2015

    Pookie got a new set of rainbow scented markers for Christmas and he is using them almost every day.  (well, first he is smelling them every day, then he draws with them every day.  He insists on holding the marker as close to his nose as possible to sniff it first, yet somehow […]

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Giggles’ does my work for me

January 18, 2015

Januery 18 Centenian today!  Well sorta.  Pooki + Gitel + Papa = 100.  Pooki 12 + Gitel 12 + Papa 76 =100.   Today’s blog post partially brought to you by Giggles!  We went to Wisconsin today to celebrate our January birthdays:  Geetle, Pookie and Papa.  We realized last week that this is a big […]

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