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by beagoodmom on October 31, 2014

Pookie seems to be making a lot of connections recently.

We ran to the store Monday before swim team practice.  We had plenty of time, we were going to go home for dinner between the store and leaving for practice.  But, I looked over at Pookie while we were in the store and saw that he was carrying his swim goggles.  He decided to grab them when we left for the store, because…its Monday…he goes to swim practice on Monday…he needs goggles to swim…if you’re leaving home on a Monday afternoon, it seems logical to bring your swim goggles along.

We went to the Fall Fest at school last night.  The kids all wear costumes and play carnival games; we’ve gone for years and its a lot of fun.  After school I told the kids to get ready and walked by holding Pookie’s suit.   Pookie saw he and said “I will need my mask” clearly pointing out that I was missing part of his ensemble.  (on a related note, as I was helping him get dressed he told me I tightened his belt too tight, which is a huge communication thing because he rarely expresses discomfort.)

We had our first snow flurries this morning.  Nothing big.  It will melt by 10 am, I’m sure.  But, when Pookie looked outside this morning and contemplated his walk to the bus stop he said to me “Do I need my boots?”  I said no, but then remembered that the Psychiatrist says many of his quirks are related to anxiety, so I changed that to “No, but would you feel better if you wore them?”  He said he would, and happily put them on.  Prepared for a snowy walk to the bus stop.

I’m not sure, but I think Pookie eats Peanut Butter and Jelly on toast pretty much every morning.  (I am not sure because I am usually in the shower and I am not going to interfere with an independent breakfast eater…that is every parent’s dream).   Last week he told me “Mom.  The jelly is all gone.”  I said I would buy some more, but the only store I got to was Aldi and I could not buy our usual brand.  The Aldi jelly is in a tall skinny glass bottle, not like our usual short squat bottles.  Yesterday, at dinner time when I had the fridge open getting ingredients out, Pookie buzzed through the kitchen and grabbed the Aldi jelly from the fridge door.   He showed it to me and said “Mom.  Is this jelly?”  I said it was and he quickly put it back away.  Put it back away, so that he knew where to find the jelly 12 hours later when he tried to make his breakfast.   I’m not sure what he had for breakfast the morning before he confirmed the identity of the new jelly.   But he saw his opportunity when I was available and resolved the issue before the next day’s breakfast.


imageMom, why does your neck smell?

Mom, on Christmas will we go see the Paddington Bear movie?

Mom, you smell like a candle.

Stop the car! I forgot my goggles!

Mom, will you pick up that towel and put it in the bathroom?

I’m hurry upping.

Where is Dad? Is he at work?

Is swim practice after dinner?

Mom, ask Google what’s for dinner.

Mom, on Thanksgiving will you take me to Target to buy Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Long Haul?

Mom, will you bring the cat in to my bedroom?

Mom, where are the buns for the hot dogs?

Mom, will you bring my goggles to the pool?


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Visit to the Psychiatrist

by beagoodmom on October 27, 2014

Pookie had a check-in at the Psychiatrist the other day.  This new doctor changed his medicine from Celexa to Zoloft and has been fiddling with the dosage.  She says many of his behavior quirks are related to anxiety and his inability to handle disappointment and the unknown.  She thinks the new medicine will help with that.  We’ve had a few months on it now and I think there has been some improvement.  She says we should try to talk to him with more closed-ended questions.  He needs to work on his open-ended questions too, but he needs to have A LOT more closed-ended ones so that he can get better at answering ANY kind of question.  In short, the open ended ones are too hard to answer 100% of the time.  If we can get him to where he can answer the close-ended ones quickly and appropriately every time, that should bleed over into the open ended questions eventually.

When we go to the psychiatrist’s office, Pookie won’t really talk to her.  In fact, its obvious that he does not like being there when we are talking about him. But, he tolerates it and is actually very polite about it.  However, that does not stop him from laying on the floor or draping himself over her couch dramatically while plugging his ears and occasionally barking “what are you doing!”   She tries to ask him questions, but he usually responds with either a script or a one word answer.  But, I guess these things tell the Dr a lot about Pookie too.

On a side note, I think Pookie has been having a lot of great language moments recently.  He had 2 at the doctor’s office this day alone.  On our way out of the office this time, Pookie noticed that the lobby had a small construction project underway.  He asked me a question about it and I said that I didn’t know, but that he could ask the receptionist.  I say things like this all the time, but this time Pookie actually walked over to the receptionist’s desk and said:

Pookie:  What happened to the wall?

Receptionist:  They took down the wall.

Pookie:  Who took it down?

Receptionist:  Some construction workers came and took it down.

Then he walked away, happy with that information.  I continued making our follow up appointment.  The receptionist asked me if we could come back in December.  I was stalling, trying to figure out a good time of day to come back.  I asked Pookie what time lunch was at school and he promptly replied “12:10″.  I was surprised that he knew that and answered so quickly, so I made his next follow up appointment accordingly.  When we got home, Geetle said no, lunch is not at 12:10.  But I was just happy that he answered at all.

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Guess who is 7?!

by beagoodmom on October 26, 2014


Little Giggles.  Little 38 pound Giggles.  Little Giggles who still assumes when I say “come here” I mean “come here and sit on my lap.”

Its hard to believe it but it must be true.  She seems to be growing everyday.  I still have to pin the waistbands of her pants so they don’t fall down but she finally grew too tall for a few pairs this Fall.

She says things like “which do you prefer?” and “what a beautiful bouquet!”  She knows all about the planets and the human body.  She asks deep questions like “Since a spider has 8 legs, is it OK to call the front two arms?”  When we play the ABC Animal game, she says that a good animal for “H” is “The Harrington Bird” and I don’t have the confidence to call B.S. and accuse her of making up an animal that doesn’t exist.

Yet, she can’t resist a fluffy stuffed animal or dancing when the music is right.  She forgets to hang her backpack up every day after school because she is so excited to get inside and to start playing with her toys.   Every night we have to remind her to keep moving along as she gets ready for bed. Its not uncommon for us to find her sitting completely naked in her bedroom, reading a book because she got distracted between the “shower” and “pajamas” stage.

We joke that she has been a naughty girl since before she was born (because she laid her big smarty head on the umbilical cord and made BAGM get rushed into surgery!) but she is actually a very polite and well-behaved little girl.  Well….except for never hanging up her backpack after school.   She gives frequent and random hugs.  I can only think of one time she refused to smile in a photo.  She’s a spunky and delightful little girl.  And now she is 7.




Dear Giggles

October 23, 2014

Giggles has been reading a “Dork Diaries” book in which the main character gets a job as an advice columnist for the school newspaper.  So….naturally…she has made a homemade “Advice Box” and invited all of us to leave her letters with any questions we may need help with. Here are some of the advice I […]

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A couple of random Geetle observations

October 22, 2014

Saw Geetle in black yoga pants and a striped sweater on Sunday.  She looked adorable.  It was not her usual ensemble and she looked like a junior teenager!  Today she had on a novelty belt!  Not one to hold up pants…no…one just for coolness. Giggles has been working on big poster for her birthday party. […]

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Couple of random Pookie observations

October 21, 2014

Lately, Pookie has been saying things that just make me stop and laugh.  Its hard to explain, but they are the kind of things an 11 year old boy might say.  (and that is why they make me stop and laugh.  Pookie has never talked like an 11 year old boy.)  He says them all […]

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Number Trains

October 20, 2014

Giggles likes it when I give her “quizzes” in the car.  I used to do it for Geetle too, but she doesn’t think they are much fun any more.  I usually do more of a liberal arts spin, such as “What is the name of the big statue in NYC; the one with the lady […]

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Who is this boy?

October 15, 2014

I saw Pookie having Cheddar Cheese Chex Mix for snack after school. He was measuring an exact 1/2 cup portion.  With a blue plastic measuring cup.  I had showed him how to read the serving size on the back of snack packaging.  I’ve been harping on that with all 3 kids for over a year.  […]

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More emails

October 14, 2014

I got another email from Pookie’s Cross Categorical Resource Teacher today (the one who also supervises his aide.)  You know how I feel about these emails.  Today’s had a subject line of “Hello!”  I couldn’t tell if this was more or less unnerving than the last one which had a subject line of “Today.”   “Hello” […]

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