Opening Day of Basketball Season

by beagoodmom on January 19, 2014


Today was the start of both Geetle and Giggles’ basketball seasons.  We had 2 games today….8 am and 2pm.  Both in the same place….20 minutes from our house.   Just close enough for us to go home in between.  Just far enough to make for a weird day. 

Google’s team won.  She made 3 shots,  0 baskets and 2 good passes.  Her team is a lot of the same girls from last season and looks pretty strong.  BAGD says her challenge this year will be to learn how to know where her guy and the ball both are simultaneously.   Right now she guards facing her guy and has her back to the ball most of the time.

Giggles has practice before each game and today may have been the first time she’s ever dribbled  ball.  She was SO excited to join the team that we didn’t realize until the practice that we were not sure if she had ANY understanding of the game itself.

Turns out she doesn’t!

She doesn’t dribble.  She more “pokes” the ball forward.  She also doesn’t really run down the court.   Its more of a prancing, flapping gallop. 

But, she had a blast.  She ran with enthusiasm,  only stopping once or twice to wave to us in the stands or tell the coach that she was getting tired.   She followed her guy and made a few inbound passes after possession turnovers.  She later used some good basketball terminology and told us that “bounce passes” are her favorite kind.

Geetle sat in the stands and cheered with us, a new experience for her.  She also gave Giggles some pointers after the game, very cute. 

There was quite a difference in these 2 games today.   Geetle plays in a 5-8th grade league where they run a few real plays some girls can dribble behind the back.  Giggles plays in a Kindergarten league where some of the kids’ shoes light up and its not uncommon for a kid to carry the ball the entire length of the court, forgetting to dribble even once.  But they both enjoy the game, and so do we.

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