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by beagoodmom on June 23, 2014

Yesterday, while touring a historic home with Giggles and the family.

Giggles:  Mom, can I play that piano?

BAGM:  No, that’s an antique, its part of the exhibit.

Giggles:  I could be veeeeerrrry careful!

BAGM: its not for touching.  If you were to ask the lady she would say No.  Go ahead, ask her.

Giggles (to tour guide):  I have a question.   Can I play this piano?

Tour Guide:  well ……yes, if you promise not to bang on it.

Later on the tour,

Giggles (to tour guide):  Can I open that little door under the stairs and see if Harry Potter lives there?

Tour Guide:  sure.

Today at Geetle and Pookie’s 6th grade physical.

Giggles ( to the doctor):  when the appointment is over and you are done, can I use your stethoscope to listen to my Mom breathe?

BAGM:  Giggles, these things are not toys.

Dr:  sure,  I’m done.   I’ll go get your brother and sister’s shots ready.    I’ll be right back.  Here you go.

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