Painting with Bingo Daubers

by beagoodmom on August 24, 2007

You know what’s fun? Painting with bingo daubers. My kids love it. Once, about 18 months ago, BAGD and I played Bingo at the VFW hall on a date night. We brought our daubers home and showed them to the kids. Now, they request them frequently. Pookie likes me to draw a large outline of his name and then he takes the Bingo dauber and makes dots to fill in the shapes. Geetle likes to use them like markers, sometimes dragging across the page, sometimes making random dots that she tells me are birds or clouds or flowers. We did not win a big cash prize at Bingo that night, but we did come home with something that the kids liked better.

Miss Stephanie has a whole set of daubers, sold thru an art supply catalog. I think I will get these for Christmas. The kids will love it.

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