Ideas for Making Cat and Dog Toys

by beagoodmom on February 4, 2010

Rather than gifts, we had collected things for the animal shelter at Pookie and Geetle’s birthday party last week. As our contribution, we made a bunch of simple cat and dog toys. These are a great way to use up extra fabric and super easy to make.

1. Braided Pull Ropes. You can make these from polar fleece or denim. We used polar fleece scraps, 2 pair of footed pajamas Geetle outgrew and a pair of my old jeans. Just simple knot-braid-knot.

2. Polar fleece stuffed toys. Very washable and easy to make. Just cut a shape and see where it takes you. No pattern needed.

3. Pillows. Every cat needs a pillow to sleep on, so why not make some simple crazy quilt pillows. Just start sewing scraps together. When its about Yay-Big, fold it in half and make a pillow. Stuff with scraps of polar fleece.

4. Polar fleece covered tennis balls. Cut 2 strips of polar fleece, 2.5 inches by 14 inches or so. Lay in the shape of a “+” and sew at the intersection. Drape over a tennis ball and tie with a scrap. Looks like an octopus when you are done. Dogs love to chase them.

5. Cat toys. Lay out 2 scraps of fabric, wrong sides together. Draw a fish or heart shape and stitch on the line. Before you sew completely all the way around, poke a little stuffing in, then finish sewing shut. Cut out with pinking shears. A perfect toy for a kitty to chase and bat under the fridge.

Easy, easy, easy. Why not make dozens for your local animal shelter today!

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