I’ll have to try this and ask her.

by beagoodmom on June 21, 2011

Giggles has developed a taste for hard boiled eggs. Well….just the whites. She throws the “Yucks” in the sink, trying to shoot them down the garbage disposal hole with one shot. I have always done my hard boiled eggs with this secret recipe:

Put eggs in pan
Cover with cold water
Bring to Boil
Boil 3 minutes
Remove from heat and let set in hot water for at least 20 minutes, or until you remember to take them out.

According to Chow.com, I am on the right track, but could be doing it a little better. I should be skipping the 3 minute boil and putting them in an ice bath at the end. Its supposed to get rid of that green ring around the yolk and make the eggs softer. Hmmm…so far Giggles has not complained, but maybe I am short changing her! I myself never touch stinky hard boiled eggs, so I have no idea what the ones I am feeding her taste like. Maybe I should try it this way and see if she likes them better?!

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