Need to wrap presents soon

by beagoodmom on December 2, 2012

We have a problem this Christmas. Its a new one.

Pookie has been caught in my present stash several times already. A few days ago he started telling us that Santa was going to bring him Bop It Original, Diary of a Wimpy Kid Do it Yourself Movie Scrapbook and Bop it Bounce. Then a few days later I caught him sitting casually in a chair…reading the Diary of A Wimpy Kid Do it Yourself Movie Scrapbook that I had bought and hidden in the closet. I was *pretty sure* it was the book I bought…I mean, he has a dozen of them and they all look the same to me. So I asked him politely…”Pookie, have you been in my closet?” He replied “Santa is going to give me Diary of A Wimpy Kid Do it Yourself Movie Scrapbook.”

At that point, I was pretty sure it was the book I bought, so I held out my hand. He nonchalantly put the book in my hand and walked away.

Fast forward to this afternoon…..we were all up stairs doing some chores. We had put a bunch of the books from the girls’ room in our bedroom while we rearranged some furniture. Pookie went into my room (to look at the giant book pile, I assumed) and I sort of lost track of him. A few minutes later he walks out….

Pookie: Mom. Mom. When are we going to wrap Original Bop It wrapping paper?
BAGM: (shocked) Pookie! were you in my closet?
Pookie: (awkward pause) Nope. (run away)

This is a new development. He clearly knows that the things in my closet are presents. He also clearly understands that he cannot have them until Christmas, which is why he wants me to wrap his Bop It in paper. I am sort of amazed at this understanding of Christmas. And the fact that he has some ability to wait for his beloved presents is shocking. I mean, he did pull out the book and bring it down stairs to read it, but he left the Bop It in the closet.

He is also very aware of his calendar lately. He frequently asks me what the date is. I always have to stop and think. Before I can answer he will blurt out “Its December 1st!” Then he will ask when it will be December 25th.

Pookie’s understanding of holidays continues to evolve, and its a lot of fun to watch. I remember the years where we wondered if he was “getting” the whole idea behind Christmas or Halloween. But the past few years its become obvious that a lot of it is clicking…in his own way.

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