Some Basketball Thoughts

by beagoodmom on December 9, 2012

Last basketball game of the season today. BAGD said there were quite a few bad calls and Geetle’s team was robbed. I might agree, even I saw one of the bad calls. Geetle had a great time this season and it was great that BAGD got to coach the team. Geetle is quite a different girl on the court than she is at home. At home (and school) she is pretty quiet and very aware of what others might think of her. But on the court she is aggressive and gets in people’s faces. She is bold and engaged the whole game. Its quite a glorious sight. Now all we need to do is get her to score some points next season.

While waiting for the game to start today, I chatted with a teacher from Pookie/Geetle’s school. While I was distracted, Pookie apparently ran onto the court during the game before Geetle’s. That boy. He really wants to play basketball too. He makes very articulate sentences about it…and even pantomimes what he will look like dribbling a ball. He wants to play enough to actually run on to the court during a random game, while wearing his winter coat.

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