Potty Humor

by beagoodmom on December 10, 2012

Escorting Giggles to a public bathroom is quite an experience. She talks non-stop anyway, but in a bathroom she just has SO MUCH MORE to talk about. For example, I have heard these gems recently:

“I picked the clean one! Well, at least the seat and floor is clean. I don’t know about the little mailbox.”

“Sometimes I pee really fast. And it’s loud.”

“Mom, don’t come in my locker. Go in your own locker. Hey! Get out of here!”

“Hey. She came in after us, but she is done already.”

“It doesn’t count if you wash your hands before.”

“I saw that baby’s butt.”

“It smells funny in here. Must be the stinky soap.”

“Hold my penguin. I don’t want to pee on him. His name is Penquino.”

“I am NOT using the hand dryer. No.” (then stands under the hand dryer letting it blow on the top of her head until I drag her away.)

“I can crawl right out of here under the door. Wanna see?”

“He’s a little boy! There is a little boy in here! He must not want to go with his Dad.”

And the best one of all….

“It’s just pee. No. Wait. Oh. Yeah, just pee.”

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