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by beagoodmom on January 30, 2013

Pookie’s psychiatrist increased his medicine (Citalopram) just before Christmas. Its partly due to the fact that as he grows up, he is moving from pediatric to adult doses. Its also partly due to the fact that we are still searching for 1) the right dose 2) the answer to the question whether or not the medicine does any good.

I am still on the fence on whether or not it does any good. I mean, he makes improvements every day. But we still have really bad episodes (had one on Sunday regarding worn out pants, homework and trampolines). And its really hard to know whether the current situation is better than what we COULD have had without the medicine. I am too factual for that analysis…I mean, how do you decide whether “the known” is worse than the “unknown?” That’s a big life question, right there.

In the meantime, I look for clues that the medicine, and the increased dose, does any good. So, here is my recent notes. I hope these help us the next time the doctor asks me “how things are going?”

Its been cold here recently. Pookie is enamored with his “Keep Austin Weird” baseball hat that BAGD brought him a few weeks ago. He wears it to school every day. On recent mornings, I have asked him to wear a warm hat instead, but then (because I think it will make him happy) I put the Austin hat on top of his stocking hat. I never discussed it with him, I just did it. This morning it was pretty warm out, relatively speaking. I hadn’t given any thought to who should wear what kind of hat today. As he was getting ready for school, Pookie said to me “I will wear one hat today. I will wear my ‘Keep Austin Weird’ hat.”

Geetle and Pookie have been doing Xtra Math online. I make them come downstairs to my office when they get home from school each day and do one round of Xtra Math on the laptops before they go upstairs for snack and play. Pookie hates it, just like he hates all homework. But he tolerates it. Yesterday, he came home, walked into my office and forcefully proclaimed “I will do Xtra Math, Mom. But then I will have popcorn and then I will play my DS, Mom!”

For years, Pookie has had a limited understanding of his birthday and his age. He used to tell everyone that he was “5″, even when he was not. He also seemed to care little about his actual birthday and the cake and swag that he was going to get. That understanding has changed, as has his understanding of Christmas and other typical kid-focused holidays. His birthday is Thursday and he knows it. He asks me “Mom, will we go for hot dogs on January 31st?” or proclaims “For my birthday I am getting a dart board, puppet and props for If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, puppet and props for If You Give a Moose a Muffin, puppet and props for If You Give a Pig a Pancake, puppet and props for If You Give a Dog a Donut, a plasma ball, and a lava lamp.”

I also think he is doing better with his pronouns, which is a loooooong time coming. We are getting more “I need help” rather than “do you need help?”

He makes a lot of random observations like “Nixie is a good cat, she is sitting and purring” or “Is the sun going down? Will Dad be home for dinner?”

He also seems truly engaged in some of the social situation that we throw him into. He truly looks at Geetle as a playmate. He gets excited when people come over. He wants to go places and do things. He watches the calendar and knows what day it is. He has always done some of these things…to a degree. But now it feels like he is really planning a life for himself.

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MOM January 30, 2013 at 11:53 am

I wonder how the number of episodes/tantrums Pookie has compares to your other children and children from other families?
Keep writing down notes and show them to the dr.
Communication seems to be improving and whether the meds or nature are the cause or maybe it is due to both.
Love MOM

J9 January 30, 2013 at 12:14 pm

Our son who’s almost 9 has recently an explosion of language and understanding. Just in last month has been talking about his upcoming birthday and I can’t ever remember him ever getting that connection. Still all choppy not always relevant but sorta takes me off guard and excites me bad days are bad good days are great. I also see more interest he’s looking for his sister to engage her like we’ve been teacheing to tap her on shoulder to get her attention sorta has taken off and really cool. He’s definitely evolving and there’s ebbs and flows to all of it. As he’s gotten older he’s more dependent on calendar which I’d love to see him stress less about. Our district has started music therapy which we fought for. Hehim he was having a lot of struggles this year wider gap in acedmics, obviously it gets more challenging lots of lecturing this year, just not how our son learns. He loves music and we did our homework and it wasn’t easy but they did get a consult and it’s now on IEP. music therapy has been amazing they work on IEP goals, her sister is a peer model in the music therapy the peer group which fun for both them and they love it. It’s reported all kids are loving it and as it was described kids with autism music reaches a different part if brain that they connect to. I was wondering is it the music or his natural maturity.

beagoodmom January 31, 2013 at 9:08 am

Pookie loves music too! He gets very sad when his afterschool Chorus is cancelled for any reason. We haven’t done any music therapy but we do try to put it in his everyday life. Pookie’s communication is still choppy as well. Sometimes we can literally see the wheels turning as he spits out the words. That progress is very gratifying. Its really nice to see some of these things sinkin in, isn’t it?! We get a lot of random “Thank you” and “Your welcomes” too.

beagoodmom January 31, 2013 at 9:09 am

I don’t think he has any more incidents than a lot of kids, but I do think they escalate quickly and follow along a predictable pattern. But then again, every once in a while BAGD has to carry a screaming Geetle up the stairs too.

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