Should someone tell her?

by beagoodmom on February 1, 2013

There is a 60-something lady at my gym. I have seen her for a few years actually. She is a dedicated gym-goer, and I applaud her for that. But…well….I don’t know….its just that she barely moves the weights and I think her form is all wrong.

NOW wait a minute! I am not saying my form is perfect, or even “good” but I am pretty sure I am somewhere near the bullseye. This poor lady will grab a pair of dumbbells and start curling, maybe moving her arms 4 inches. I mean, her range of motion is ridiculous. It looks like the weights are vibrating, not being curled!

Is that even worth it?

Or has she crossed that glorious line…that line that where a person can say “Screw it…I’m 60…I’m at the gym…I’m already Queen of the World! You can’t bring me down. What? Come at me bro!”

The part that gets me, is that she insists on using the heavy weights. I actually think that if she used the 5 pounders, she would get some serious work done. But, then again, if she started curling 5 pounders now, she would probably give herself a black eye.

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